History Of Ajase-ipo

OLUPO DESCENDANT OF ALAFIN OYO Olupo is a direct descendant of Alafin of Oyo, the supreme head of Kings, Princes and Princesses of Yoruba land in Nigeria and Dahomey. Alaafin Aganju was the fifth Alaafin of Oyo Empire who reigned at the second half of the 14th century at Katunga - 1350 A.D. Alaafin Aganju gave his daughter by name OYINOLA IYA-IYUN in marriage to Priest Iganna Ologbomona during his reign in 1380 A.D. Princess Oyinola Iya-Iyun has two sons by name SEJE OGAN and SEJI OGAN for her husband at Ganmo, which is the present Onikanga Hill G.R.A. Ilorin.

  • Ikumeja Kako Dalia II (1740-1749)
  • Olupo Seji to Adeoba Della (1400-1765)
  • Olupo Ibitoye Adeoba (1765-1778)
  • Olupo Igboribido Oyebola Adeoba(1778-1820)


Kindly fill your detail as ajase-ipo descendant